Stay Safer with us.

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Stay Safer with us.

Stay Safer with us.

All New & Upgraded Selangkah App!


The Selangkah App’s scanner
is able to read MySejahtera’s QR code,
and a receipt will be generated


Save time and effort from queuing
to scan a QR code by checking in
using GPS instead


Create social groups with
your close friends or family and check in together, hassle-free


Plan a safe journey by checking areas identified with higher Covid-19 transmission risks in the next 14 days.


Access a list of your recent
check-ins and tap to view
your scanning receipt


Check to see if you have visited
any locations that had been exposed
to Covid-19 in the past two weeks


All of Selangkah’s health-related
functions are now accessible from
one button on the App


Enhance your livelihood and workplace safety by registering into Selangor Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.


An integrated (Single Sign-On) system for Selangor residents to access Selangkah products and government-linked services

Dual Check-In Capability

GPS Check-In

Check-in by way of
location tagging nearby

Super Scanner

Check-in by scanning either Selangkah or MySejahtera QR Code

Your circle of friends is just as important as your dependants

With Selangkah’s new feature Bubble, minimise your Covid-19 infection risks by checking in with your closest social circles as a group (called Bubble) when entering a premise.

You can also register your Bubble members for vaccination, Covid-19 screening or welfare assistance, transfer funds and many more!

Knowledge at your fingertips

The Selangkah App’s information on Covid-19 outbreak coverage puts users’ minds at ease by allowing them to safely plan and trace their journey

Safeguard your health with Selangkah

Selangkah’s hallmark health features — Community Screening,
CAC Registration, VAX and Home Quarantine — are now
accessible on one page at the touch of one button.

Everyone deserves protection from Covid-19

The Selangor outreach program for the National Covid-19 Immunisation Program helps everyone register for their vaccine.
No one will be left behind.

The Selangkah App isn’t compatible with your device?
Try our Progressive Web App instead!

Accessible through the web browser on any mobile device,
this replica of the Selangkah App accommodates the full extent of Selangkah’s features.

One ID to rule them all

To become a Selangor digital citizen, a Selangkah ID is what you’ll need.
This is your personal identification number for when you wish to not only utilise Selangkah products, but also access various government-linked services.

Use your ID to easily pay your taxes, utility bills or summonses;
apply for welfare aid and many more!

Ready to experience Selangkah?

Now that you’ve seen all of the wonderful things Selangkah has to offer,
the only natural thing to do is to dive into them first-hand!

Download your preferred version now!

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