Stay Safer with us

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Stay Safer with us.

Stay Safer with us.

All New & Upgraded Selangkah App!


Perform safe and secure cashless transactions and ultimately reduce the spread of Covid-19


An integrated (Single Sign-On) system for Selangor residents to access Selangkah products and government-linked services


Add your dependents as Bubble members to register them for vaccine, hassle-free


Screen your mental health and seek professional help if required


Enhance your protection against the coronavirus by registering for the Selangor Covid-19 Vaccination Programme


Plan a safe journey by checking areas identified with higher Covid-19 transmission risks in the next 14 days


Book a slot for a swab test, or purchase a self-test kit, all from the comfort of your own home


Skip the queue at the Covid-19 Assessment Centre in Selangor by pre-registering yourself before going


Recover from Covid-19 at home safely with the help of remote medical support 


No one should be left behind in our fight against Covid-19. Everyone deserves to be safe.

Utilise the Selangkah platform now to register for primary doses of vaccine and the booster dose, for yourself and/or your dependents.

Safeguard your health with Selangkah

Selangkah’s hallmark health features — Screening, CAC Registration, Home Assessment Tool — are accessible on one page at the touch of one button.

As you focus on defending our physical health from the dangers of Covid-19, remember to prioritise on your mental health too.

Mental SEHAT provides early intervention through self-screening modules, and psychosocial assistance from professional counsellors and support forums.

Selangkah’s exclusive Bubble function has been upgraded!

Now by adding your dependents into your Bubble, you can register them for vaccines.

Add and manage your Bubble for an easy and seamless booking experience.

One ID to rule them all

To become a Selangor digital citizen, a Selangkah ID is what you’ll need.
This is your personal identification number for when you wish to not only utilise Selangkah products, but also access various government-linked services.

Use your ID to easily pay your taxes, utility bills or summonses;
apply for welfare aid and many more!

Planning to go out?
Check our AI-powered Forecast Map (AfMAP) first!

This handy feature reveals locations that have been identified to have higher risks of Covid-19 transmission within the next 14 days.

Witness how Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, Machine Learning, Geospatial Intelligence, and analytics tools work their magic using key information on previous incidences, local population density and spread, mobility patterns, as well as other anonymous data.

Ready to experience Selangkah?

Now that you’ve seen all of the wonderful things Selangkah has to offer,
the only natural thing to do is to dive into them first-hand!

Download your preferred version now!

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